5 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

Over many years, many people have asked me how do I achieve so many goals in life and in business. I’ve been called a “machine”, “driven”, “salt of the earth”,… Although I am humbled at receiving such positive comments, I attribute my success to having mastered and applied a system to achieve whatever I want in life.

Earlier on in my life, I had achieved some success randomly and didn’t know why. I was actually doing the steps necessary for success without really knowing why I had achieved it.  For example, I became vice-president of a major financial firm in Canada at the age of 28, the youngest vice-president in the whole company. When I met the President for the first time, my boss talked with me after and asked me if I could grow a beard or something to look older, it was meant as a joke, of course, however, it was a simple expression that I was quite young for being in the role that I was in.  I had of course earned it through the actions I had taken to get there, however, at that time in my life, I didn’t know exactly why I had achieved that level of success, or at least I wasn’t totally aware of it at the time.

Of course, not everything I’ve done in life has been successful, I had challenges and failures too like everybody else.  What I have learned is what brought me the successes and failures, learned from these and created a powerful system that I continue to use in all aspects of my life.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned and applied and enable you to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve in your personal life and online startup or business.

Over the years, I have created different businesses, mastered the art of photography, have become an expert photographer and digital editor, have made lots of money on different businesses, lost my shirt twice in business and bought a better shirt every time after having learned some powerful lessons, have organized a variety of social and outdoors events providing entertainment for thousands of people, travelled in many parts of the world, completely changed career paths several times and pushing my boundaries beyond my comfort zone, volunteered in many organizations making a contribution in society…

So perhaps at this point you’re asking yourself well that’s great that you’ve achieved all these things André, but what does that have to do with me?   What I want to do is share with you what I’ve learned about achieving goals in 5 easy steps that you can start using today.

What’s the process to achieve what you want in life?  You can do it randomly and hope to achieve what you want, or you can apply a proven process that exponentially increases the probability to achieve whatever you want.

Think about it…

Would you ever hop on a plane without having a destination in mind?  The answer is probably no.  Although it might be an interesting life experience to just randomly hop on a plane without having any clue as to the final destination, this is not something that anyone does.

What do you typically do when planning to go on a trip?   Do you start packing your bags before having a destination already identified?  Do you make hotel reservations before you even know where you’re going?  What exactly do you do first when planning a trip?

Although you could pack your bags in anticipation of a trip, the probability is that you wouldn’t do that first, you would only pack your bags after you had a destination already identified and you would likely pack your bags a few days or week before the trip.

So the point that I’m trying to illustrate is that there’s a sequence of events that need to occur and although you can do the sequence of events randomly, you likely have learned and applied a general flow of events from the time you have a thought to go on a trip all the way to actually being on the plane (or car)  heading towards your intended destination.

So why would achieving any of your goals or dreams be any different?

The path to achieving dreams is to establish a very clear idea of what you want to achieve and then take steps to achieve those dreams.  It’s also important to spend the time to identify why you want to achieve this dream or goal as this will help to be motivated to achieve your dream or goal.   The process of achieving goals is really that simple.

The dreams can be anything you want, it can be achieving success in your business, earning a certain amount of money every month or year, creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship with someone you love, creating wealth, you name it, make your dream it as big as you like and also make sure it is compelling so that you have a good reason for achieving this dream or goal.

Here are 5 easy steps to achieving your dreams, these are the same steps that I have used in my life and business time and time again and I know that they are proven to work. These are the same steps that you can use to achieve your personal life dreams as well as any business objectives or goals you want to create:

  1. DREAM

Create a dream that you want to achieve and define a reason to achieve this dream that is compelling to you. This becomes your ‘Why” you want to achieve this dream and it will help you as you encounter obstacles.  Make sure the “why” is compelling and that you are totally motivated to achieve it no matter what obstacles you may encounter along the way (and there will be many depending on how big your dream is).


Write down your dream and write down why you want to achieve it.  Look at it every morning when you get up and at night before you go to sleep.  Write it on a piece of paper and carry if in your pocket, write it in your journal, put it on your phone as a picture or any to-do list application, what’s important is to write it and have it easily available so that you can read it every day.


To get started with making a plan for your goal or dream, start by making a list, then take the list and prioritize it so you know what to do first, second, third and so on.  Break it down into blocks so that it doesn’t look overwhelming.


Have you ever wished you did something and said you would do it some-day?  How often did that some-day happen?  More often than not, the some-day never arrives.   So, set a date that you can use to measure your progress. Also, define a date that is realistic to keep you motivated.

One of the keys to achieving a dream is to write down the date when you to achieve this dream.   Write down a date even if you don’t know how you will achieve it.  You can always reset the date later.


Take baby steps every day to achieve your dream, no matter how small the step might be.

Success brings on success and you will be motivated once you start to see your dream slowly become closer to reality.

So in summary, the above 5 steps are the path that I have used over and over again to achieve whatever I set out to do so I encourage you to try it on for yourself and adopt these steps to your life and business and I’m confident that you will increase the probability of achieving whatever you want to achieve.

Wishing something happens doesn’t make it happen, only actions will get you to achieve whatever it is you desire.  So take a step, no matter how small it is, to apply the above 5 steps towards one aspect of your life or business, as you become more familiar with the steps then apply it to other areas of your life or business.

When defining your dreams or goals, follow the 5 steps above.  It’s a proven system that I’ve used over and over again to achieve everything I’ve ever wanted and I use these steps even today in all aspects of my personal as well as business life.  So try it on and I look forward to hearing you share your successes using this proven system.

Talk soon,



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