List building 101: Build an Email List that will Make a Profit

Would you like to learn how to build and grow your list to get your first 1,000 subscribers?

Would you like to know how you can make a profit from your list once you build it?

Read on…

Have you heard the expression:

“The money’s in the list.”?

Everyone starts an Email list from zero subscribers.

Once you have a list, then what?

You can’t take a list to the bank.

How can you realize a profit from a list?

1. Why build an Email list?

What’s the biggest mistake with an online business?

Not building your Email list.

If you rely exclusively on social media to build an audience, you’re at the mercy of the social media portal.

You don’t know how many of your followers see your posts.

Portals like Facebook are constantly changing their algorithm.

You can create and post blog posts however you don’t know if the social media platform will actually display your blog post to your intended audience nor when the blog posts become visible.

Some social media platforms have come and gone so imagine you spend all of your time creating a  blog of followers and then the social media platform disappears!

These are examples of popular social media platforms that are no longer around:

  • Vine.
  • Yik Yak.
  • Friendster.
  • Meerkat.
  • Google Wave & Google Buzz.
  •  iTunes Ping.
  • FriendFeed.
  • DailyBooth.

By compiling a list of Email addresses, you have some control over when people will see your Emails and you may send the Emails at your convenience.

You can also access your Email list at any time and not be dependent on any social media platform.

Pro Tip: One of the most important factors for an online business is that Emails convert leads into customers better than any other method.

2. Where do you get Email addresses?

So, there are two general methods to build an Email list.

social media method

and the

paid advertising method.

The social media method works, however, it is slower.

you need to create blog posts regularly and over time, influence someone to give you their email address.

This is the least costly method to build a list however it is slow.

The paid advertising method is more effective since you can target specific audiences.

Paid advertising of course costs money.

An effective strategy is to start with a small budget until you know that your ad is effective.

Once you know it converts well (ie: that you get a lead to give you their Email address), then you can scale up the advertising.

You can start an ad for as little as $5/day.

3. Why would someone give you their Email address?

One of the questions I get all the time is

“Everyone gets too many Emails so why would someone give you their Email address?”

This is a valid question and there is a simple answer. Are you ready?

Someone will willingly give you their Email address if you give them someone of value, something they’re looking for.

So, think of how you can help your target audience and create a solution to their problem or desire.

With the internet, you can conveniently deliver a digital product that is easily created and also easy for your target audience to digest and gain value.

By offering a solution to your lead, they will gladly give you their Email address in exchange.

Pro tip:  Ensure that you create something that will actually solve a problem for your lead or help them to achieve a desire.

By doing so, you will gain their trust and they will be inspired to continue to receive and read your Emails.

4. How do you make money from an Email list?

Is paid advertising expensive? Well, yes and no.

Yes, it’s expensive, if you don’t generate any revenue from the advertising.

No, it’s not expensive, if you are able to generate revenue to offset the cost.

Ideally, with your paid add, you want to inspire someone to give you their Email address in exchange for something that you offer them of value.

Assuming you’re helping your lead, this introduces a higher probability that they may be open to purchasing a low-priced item from you.

This low-priced offer can offset the cost of advertising.

Think of advertising to build your Email list as an investment in your online business.

Pro tip: Profit with your online business will be realized by introducing paid offers to your lead.

The more your lead trusts you, the more likely they will be to open up their wallet and buy your products.

So, the formula is simple:

The more people you help, the more money you’ll make.

An Email list is an asset.

A simple 3 step formula to earning a profit online:

  1. Create your Email list by exchanging something of value to a lead
  2. Nurture your leads by providing additional value through Emails
  3. Introduce paid offers to generate a profit with your online business.

Keep following my blog posts and I’ll continue to share valuable tips on list building strategies.


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