Mary Beth Spann Mank

Mary Beth Spann Mank

Andre Fortier’s E-List Accelerator is a complete online training program that helps business people and entrepreneurs discover the mindset and action steps necessary to make money online. It is for people who are serious about turning their skills and passions into steady income.


The program consists of a series of instructional videos narrated by Andre himself, plus an easy-to-follow companion workbook. Together they serve as a step-by-step guide through the entire online business-building process, from idea to sale.


Andre is highly organized and leaves no stone unturned; the resources included in the E-List Accelerator are comprehensive and extensive. At the same time, he presents his material in such a clear, linear and organized fashion that it all fits together, it all makes sense and is all quite doable! With Andre at the helm, it’s like having your own personal coach who supports and encourages you every inch of the way.


Andre’s methods have really worked to propel my online business forward! Highly recommended!


Mary Beth Spann Mank Founder and Creator,